BusinessBase – a haven for your business

Same service, same caring team, but a new name

We are no longer Blenheim Bookkeeping!

Today, 1st February 2019 we change our name to BusinessBase.

Why? We have been established now for over five years and found that there is a growing number of people who want to be more “hands on” in their business and want to learn as much as they can about the administration side of things. Fair enough!  

Some people do want to know about day-to-day bookkeeping, systems, software, marketing, payroll and managing employees. We are very happy to help you to understand these things.

Some of you will then want to do the work yourself and some of you will like us to carry on doing the day-to-day work. Of course we love doing the work for you (we are admin people after all!) but we do understand when you want to be more involved. This is where the name evolved from.

Customers can be independent but when they have questions, queries, need some extra help at busy times, or something crops up which they need advice on, we have found that they generally come back to “base” to ask us. If we can’t help directly, we can always put you in touch with a professional who can. We work with a team of experts who we trust.

We see ourselves as your base for your business, a haven that you can return to when needed, whether that means that we are always there at the coal-face with you or whether you call us when needed. Somewhere where you can get some good, practical advice.

We hope you like the new name. Same care, same service.

Both myself and my team look forward to working with you in 2019

Debbie Fawcett