Employers - Are you getting it right?

If you are an employer you will be all too aware that employment law is a very complex beast, and it seems that it is all too easy to fall on the wrong side of it without intending to!


Did you know that there were some very specific changes to the law in April 2017?  

Here is a quick round up of them:


1 Minimum wage rate rose to $15.75 per hour
2 All contractors can have tax deducted from their pay at a rate of their choosing
3 ACC levies decreased


As well as these changes, we often come across employers who do not have written employment agreements with their employees.  This is now against the law and can attract big fines.


If you would like to know more, give us a call and we can help you:

- to decide whether your employees are contractors or employees; 
- assist in preparing or updating employment agreements; 
- make sure your employees are being paid correctly;
- make sure you are keeping the correct records; and 
- we can help you to navigate the complex rules around holiday pay, public holidays and alternative leave.


This is a very important part of your business to get right from the outset as getting it wrong can be very costly, and messy.  We are currently offering a free half hour meeting to assess your current situation. So don’t delay – get in touch today.